Imperial college London

Imperial college London is commonly known as Imperial college of science, technology, and medicine it is one of the famous and greatest public result Universities in England. Royal charter was established this famous university in 1907 unifying the Royal College of Science, the royal School of mines, and the City and guilds of London Institute.

This university basically gives their focus on science, engineering, medicine, and business. Imperial College of London has two main campuses. The first one is located in South Kensington where basically teaching and research take place and the second one is located in white city. This campus is commonly made for innovation. Aside from that in this university a large academic health Science Centre is located. In the past this university was controlled by the University of London but in 2007, it became an independent public research University.
The most interesting thing is that under this university every year 60% of international students from 150 countries were came to complete their studies.

In South Kensington campus various notable and famous buildings are located like Business School, Royal School of mine, Royal College of Science, Imperial institute, Royal Albert Hall, natural history Museum, science museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal College of Music, National Art library, loyal college of art, and others.
Apart from studies also various reputed restaurant cafes, night club and cinema hall are located in this campus like Beit hall, home to the college Union, Prince’s Garden, Kensington Garden and Hyde Park.

The White City campus is basically made for Innovation and entrepreneurship. In this campus scale space and incubator, invention room, a college hackerspace, and community outreach centre are located Apart from these two main campuses Imperial college of London has one other post graduate campus which known as silwood Park basically this campus was made for Research and teaching in multiple subjects like Ecology, evolution, conservation and others.

The Imperial college has 4 faculties including Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of medicine, Faculty of natural science, and Imperial college Business School. In Faculty of Engineering multiple subjects are available such as bioengineering, chemical engineering, Civil and environmental engineering, computing, material, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and others. Faculty of medicine has also multiple different subjects like brain science, immunology and inflammation, metabolism, digestion and reproduction, surgery and Cancer, Institute of clinical science, National heart and lung Institute, and others.

In the faculty of natural science students can complete their studies in different subjects like chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, life science, and others. On the other hand in the faculty of Imperial college Business School you can complete your study in analytic and operations, economic and public policies, Finance, Management and entrepreneurship, and marketing.

This famous University has multiple famous National Institute and global challenge Institute like data science institute, energy futures laboratory, Institute of Global Health innovation, Francis Institute, Alan turing Institute, Henry Royce Institute, Faraday Institution, and others.

According to the ranking of Times higher education world University ranking it is the 8th worldwide University and third European University. QS world University ranking announced this university as the 6th worldwide best university and the third best university in Europe. In terms of entrepreneurship QS MBA rankings announced this university as the 3rd worldwide best university and the 1st best university in Europe. Guardian University guide said it is the first ranked University in the United Kingdom.

Those student who want to take admission in Imperial college of London we want to say them it is very hard and competitive according to the reports of 2021-2022 academic year this institution had an admission rate of 11.1% for undergraduate student and 13.0% for postgraduate students in every year most of the students are came to complete their studies from this university in computing, Mathematics, and mechanical engineering.

As per the reports of 2019 to 2020 academic year this college had total student body of 19400 Where 10475 are undergraduate students and 8925 are postgraduate students every year around 50% students are came to complete their studies in this university from outside of the United Kingdom.

Imperial college has a strong and renowned Students Union this union is run by 5 full time sabbatical officers. Commonly these officers are elected by the students Imperial college of London has a famous and popular student media and the official newspaper of this institution is Falix. It is a weekly student newspaper that was released on 9th December 1949.

Aside from that, this university is also famous in different fields like sports, drama, dance, and others. This University has 60 different sports clubs most student of these sports clubs participates in the British Universities and colleges sports association Leagues such as American football, rugby, badminton, football, and many others

The Imperial college of London is controlling 23 halls of residence in inner London, Acton, and Askot. More than 4000 rooms are available for graduate and undergraduate students. Various famous and notable celebrities have completed their studies under this University. some of them are Rajiv Gandhi, Abdus Salam, Alexander Fleming, Patrick blacket, Robert Winston, Peter Higgs, and others.

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